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In 2024, the author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad" shares how to become wealthy

“Rich Dad Poor Dad” author Robert Kiyosaki has taken to his official X account to share his investment portfolio allocation template. He has long predicted the US dollar crash and the biggest stock shock in the history ahead. 

Robert Kiyosaki Prefers Bitcoin, Gold And Silver Over Stocks And Bonds

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Known as a major antagonist to the existing financial model, Robert Kiyosaki slammed financial experts and their seemingly infallible portfolio allocation template. According to Kiyosaki, the age-long model of 60/40 recommendation to smart investors including 60% to bonds and 40% to stocks is no longer ideal.

In his opinion, these so-called “Smart Investors” will be the biggest losers in the coming year as the investing terrain has changed. He advised that rather than go down with the ship, investors should consider a shift to Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, and Real Estate.

Per his recommendation, he projects that 75% of an investment portfolio should be domiciled in Gold and Silver. He advocates that the remaining 25% should be allocated to Bitcoin Real Estate and oil stocks.

The assets picked by Robert Kiyosaki are considered a haven against inflation. Bitcoin and Gold are considered the biggest hedge against inflation as they naturally appreciate in valuation in periods of economic distress. For centuries, Gold has always played the role of inflation hedge, and Bitcoin’s emergence over the past decade puts it in direct competition with Gold.

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Notably, Kiyosaki, unlike many financial commentators is big on both Bitcoin and Gold and his recommendations over the years typically comprise both assets. Kiyosaki believes those who follow the current portfolio allocation template will “survive the greatest crash in world history,” a doom he has always predicted is imminent.

Robert Kiyosaki is Bullish on Bitcoin

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Robert Kiyosaki has earned himself the title of one of the biggest advocates of Bitcoin. Besides his belief that Bitcoin is one of the perfect assets to guard against economic crash, he is confident the asset is billed for a massive price jump in the near term.

As reported earlier by Coingape, Kiyosaki recently predicted that Bitcoin is on track to hit $135,000. While Robert Kiyosaki’s Bitcoin price prediction is always fluctuating, it is worth noting that he has never wavered in acknowledging the potential for the premier crypto to form support at $100,000.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is changing hands at $34,350.86, up 0.58% To hit Kiyosaki’s minimum projection of $100k, the coin will have to soar by 191%.

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