Beauty and Women in wheelchairs

Beauty and girls In Wheelchairs 
Today, disabled persons, particularly women in wheelchairs, have started to destroy this stigmatized perception with amazing accomplishments like the Ms. American Wheelchair.Hair Salon in Flower Mound TX 
Once, society viewed disabled people as dependent, in order to contribute to society. This has changed and today, disabled persons, particularly women in wheelchairs, have started to destroy this stigmatized perception with amazing successes. Furthermore, manufacturers have began to develop designer chairs to appeal to women. 
Only in 2007 designers from Los angeles held a fashion show specifically directed to produce wheelchairs. The style show was hosted by four women who founded the "Discovery For Design", a non-profit organization dedicated to women who rely on wheelchairs. One of these women, Marilyn Hamilton, is the co-inventor with the Quickie wheelchair. The other three were sports, arts, and business dynamos who experienced traumatic injuries and landed in motorized wheel chairs. 
This fashion show was dedicated distinct to stylish wheelchairs, additionally to fashionably designed clothing ensembles specifically created to flatter females who spend a great amount of energy in motorized wheel chairs. The runway Models were four women selected from across the country who had become disabled. 
First of these fascinating women, Jenny Smith, experienced a disaster while practicing gymnastics. Her spinal cord injury, which occurred 17 years ago, since this she has driven, graduated college having a Master's Degree, or doing work for the Mobility Project. 
The second is, Melissa Holley was working her way through college when an vechicle accident resulted in her own spinal cord injury and campaigned to give an experimental spinal cord treatment procedure to the united states. She doesn't have allowed her wheelchair to disable her life. 
Michele Boardman the third, is a young woman informed they have muscular dystrophy. She was confined to a wheelchair by age fifteen. Despite this, she attended college, she was one of nine youths throughout the globe honored the particular Yes I'm able to! Foundation in 2004. 
The fourth model, Rosemary Rosetti, can be a successful woman whose life was detoured by the falling with a huge tree that crushed her spinal cord during a motorcycle ride. After her recovery, she started to travel the globe discussing her journey in living life actively within a wheelchair. My spouse published an e-book on this topic, and wasa previous Ms. Wheelchair America. 
These women are a tribute towards amazing strength and beautiful journey of which women in wheelchairs are capable. Their story is truly an inspiration to us all. 
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